The Gems and Mineral Diva

The Gems and Mineral Diva

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Healing Properties of Metals

The Healing Properties of Metal

All things are made of energy. 

Our breath, bodies, the floor, our flesh and even the metals that surround us daily. 

If you look at a piece of paper under a microscope, you will see it is alive and moving. So it shouldn't come to your surprise that metal, like different gems and minerals, also has healing energies. 

In my free ebook, Metal Power, I cover the basic metals used in jewelry making: 

  • Copper- a healing, grounding and energy amp
  • Silver- an antibiotic metal that has cured diseases
  • Gold- a powerful metal that attracts more than wealth
  • Rose Gold-a mix of copper and gold
  • Titanium-a metal that helps you attain freedom from your fears
  • Platinum- more than just a precious metal, it's protective and healing
  • Iron-not just in our blood, but everywhere 
  • Brass-attracts health and wealth
  • Hematite- mineral that has a lot of iron in it and it's own unique element
  • Aluminum-an invisibility shield against darkness
  • Bronze-a strong yet gentle healing metal
  • Stainless Steel-made of iron and a shield of protection for anyone wearing it. 

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